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So, for the past few weeks I’ve been posting a new blog on different topics and to be honest, I’m glad that I did! I never knew how easy it was to sign up for my own free-blog hosting account and how simple it was to express my thoughts and findings. Even though this was created for an assignment I had to do for a class, I’m really glad it was a part of the assessment.

As it is for academic purposes, I didn’t feel the need to “promote” my blog and get everyone to read my posts about the topics I wrote about. I do however; feel that in the future I will definitely be taking into consideration Blogging when I get things started up with my cosmetic/makeup business. It’ll allow me to share my thoughts opinions, tips and update those who are following on what’s been happening in my life during those times.

I will definitely continue to blog and not just weekly, but probably even consider doing it daily (if I have enough time for it!). I feel it will benefit me thinking back to when I blogged about making money by blogging and how to promote and get my business/merchandise out there and increase my reputation.

The most difficult thing to do with my blog was to make it look tidy. I still feel like my blog looks a little bit messy, but it is much of an improvement with my previous layout.

As said before, that it is for academic purposes, the project guidelines and what we were expected to blog about were already given to us so there wasn’t any need to blog about anything else BUT what was given to us. But knowing me, I am the type who will always have something to talk about if it’s anything that doesn’t have to do with studies.
After this past month, I DEFINITELY have a new perspective on blogging. I knew others were doing it, but to be honest, I never really thought about using it as a way to get my name out there. This experience has definitely been a good one and I will be implementing it when I want to increase the number of hits over the internet along with my other web 2.0 tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

This won’t be the end of my blogging, I assure you that!


One of the first things I do when I hop on the internet is log on to my Facebook and Twitter. I also know a lot of others who do the same thing, even before doing what they came online to do in the first place, like assignments. Social networking has and will continue to grow globally. Why not, right? It’s a convenient way to communicate with friends, family or even just see what others are up to from their activities that are updated via the website.
I went on to to see how the progress of the following social networks to see the statistics of users gathered from over the past few months up until this day.


Since the beginning of the year, Facebook has increased from 134M to 150M unique visitors. In the past 4 months, it has only continued to increase in it’s numbers except for months March – April where it decreased by approximately 3million Unique Visitors during that month.


LinkedIn is not a site that I am very familiar with but I found that its statistics are quite similar with Twitter. From February to March, it jumped from approximately 15M to 17.5M but when it reached April, the numbers decreased and went back to about 16M. From here on, it continues to grow and is now sitting on 21M.


Since the beginning of the year, Twitter has had it’s high’s and low’s. From February to March, it jumped from approximately 27M to 31M but then slid back down to just over 27M. From here though, it’s monthly unique visitors increased and has now reached 32M.

There wasn’t much statistics for Google+ simply because it is such a new social network but I managed to come across this website ( ) which states that Google + has started from 0 then jumped to mid-July up to 20million and now it is currently sitting on 25 million. There is no doubt that this social network will only continue to grow and it means that “Google has reached the bench mark 20 times faster than any other social site” written by Rob D. Young on

The following are some reasons I believe social networking websites have become more and more popular over the past few years and why I think they will only continue to grow:

Communication: convenient way of contacting friends (chat, posts, instant replies/messages). This way, people can also meet new people and make new friends and even spouse (match-maker websites)
Convenience: Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have their own applications on the iPhone. Since the internet can be accessed on majority of phones now, it is convenient for the user to easily log-on and communicate with their friends.
Free of charge: There are no sign up fees and it is so easy to create accounts without any hassle of obtaining credit card details or making any payments.
Advertising of companies: Sites such as Facebook provide a section on each page for sponsored and paid advertisements. These are usually of small businesses who wish to have their ad appear on the side of pages. This increases the awareness of the business.
Keeping updated: Social networks allow you to voice what is on your mind and your thoughts, they allow you to share images, videos, concepts /designs etc.

Here are some other websites I found that you may find interesting on this topic as well and they will add some more points on as to why social networking websites are so popular these days!

Wow, people are making money from blogging?!

I never realized how popular it was for a person to make money from simple blogging! People are doing it all over the internet and actually receiving positive results, even earning enough income to quit the 9-5! I got into researching this topic found a few websites with numerous ways of making money online!

The following website briefly covers 28 ways of making money online though personally, I would only take into consideration a few of them and apply them if I were to ever do this.

1. PPC Advertising
2. CPM Advertising Networks
3. Direct banner Advertising
4. Text Link Ads
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Monetization Widgets
7. Sponsored Reviews
8. RSS Feed Ads
9. Sponsors for Single Columns or Events
10. Premium Content
11. Private Forums
12. Job Boards
13. Market Places
14. Paid Surveys and polls
15. Selling or Renting Internal Pages
16. Highlighted posts from Sponsors
17. Donations
18. In-text advertising
19. Pop-up’s and Pop-unders
20. Audio Ads
21. Selling the website
22. Selling an e-book
23. Selling a hard cover book
24. Selling templates or WordPress themes
25. Offering consulting and related services
26. Creating an email list or newsletter
27. Mentoring programs
28. Creating a conference around the website

As you can see, there are PLENTY of ways to do this by just looking at the points above.

But, I found an interesting video that offers some good tips – from Howcast.

The first step is to Be passionate about your subject & don’t expect to get rich from your blog straight away.

The second is Selling advertising: website such as Adsense – If the reader clicks on the link, YOU GET PAID! – this varies depending on how much traffic the blog receives.

The third is Make use of Blog Ads – helps u choose advertisers you want and how much you get paid, though you may make the wrong choice. Don’t be too picky or greedy with the money at first.

The fourth is Payperpost will allow you to review the product (best to do review on something related to your subject.) Stay credible, be honest and don’t post too many paid reviews.

The fifth, Sell your merchandise!! something of your own that you have created and is different.

Sixth, Get an affiliate programfor example – better for newer bloggers. If it gets purchased, you get a certain % of the sale.

Step 7! Think of it as..your blog is a way of selling YOU – what YOU can offer!

Step8: PayPal – people can make donations.This is a good way if you feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable asking people to pay to view your blogs and entries.PayPal Donate Button
You’d be surprised at how many people actually do make donations!

If i were to get into trying to make money by blogging, I would definitely consider and focus on these 8 points as I feel they would get me far enough.

Here are just a few extra websites for you to check out if you wanted to go into real depth!

This following website provides case studies of people who have done online blogging and have taken advantage of the internet by making an income.

This link covers the same points as the previous link I pasted above, which are affiliate programs, Private Ads and sales and selling e-books .

There are even seminars about making money from your blog! There is an event happening on October 21st in Melbourne and allows people to come along and learn new ways and tips to help to “Make money blogging”.


Till next time,


Special Search Engine Comparison: YouTube vs Vimeo

The two search engines that I have chosen to compare are YouTube and Vimeo. They are both websites created for the purpose of sharing, viewing and interacting with others online through videos.

I personally have been using YouTube more than I have with Vimeo. I remember when I first visited the Vimeo website, remembering how much longer it took to load their videos as opposed to YouTube, which loaded much faster. Though, reading online and feedback from other friends, I hear Vimeo video’s load faster for them but for some reason, loads much slower for me when I watch a video.

An advantage that YouTube has over Vimeo is that when clicking on a video that I want to watch, it automatically plays while Vimeo videos need the “Play” button to be pressed in order to play. Even after pressing Play, the file takes a while to buffer and run smooth. I am usually doing other activities on the laptop while watching videos, which means I switch windows (Alt+Tab) a lot right after clicking a video to watch or listen to in the background. So when I visit Vimeo, I find it a bother to have to click PLAY and wait for it to load, whereas YouTube seems to do that itself.

Statistics for YouTube & Vimeo

Stats for YouTube vs Vimeo

Although both services allows users to interact with other users by being able to upload their own videos, at the end of the day, it is probably more likely for a user’s videos to be seen on YouTube than it is to be seen on Vimeo considering the popularity of the video search engines on the web. According to WolframAlpha, Youtube is the 3rd most visited website on the world wide web whereas Vimeo is ranked 118. Considering both websites were registered online around the same time (3 months apart) back in 2004, YouTube’s response has exceeded much higher than Vimeo.

A con that I have found with YouTube is that when I use or upload a video with a song playing in the background, I have had to take the song off the video and change it to another due to copyright reasons. This is the downfall with popular websites for users and a hassle for constantly having to change the content. Another con, I have found YouTube to be quite a bother with all it’s constant ads that pop up at the bottom of every video or the ones that are sponsored and automatically play before videos start. I feel it’s a waste of my time and sometimes I just want to watch the video I’ve searched!

Many mobile phones and services support YouTube and it’s videos as oppose to Vimeo which has little support and not many mobiles or devices support their videos. On my iPhone, I have the YouTube application, but never thought about searching or using the Vimeo application, if they had one.

In saying all of this, I have been using YouTube for years now, and I think it’s simply because it’s the most well known video service on the world wide web and I feel that if I needed to find a video, I could type keywords into YouTube and it would provide me with more results than Vimeo would.

Until next time, Tammy.

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First Blog!

Hi Everyone!

This is a blog that I’ve created for the main purpose of expressing my thoughts and posting information that I have found in regards to Blogging. With this, I will be including other topics too, but I hope you enjoy your visit!